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Play 2 Million BC Slots

3 Of The Best Reasons Why You Should Play 2 Million BC Slots

Online slot machines are designed in various forms and ways, while some are boring and mediocre some will really make an impression and you will probably remember and play in most of the time. There are already a ton of million slots being offered online today. Some are boring, some are fun, some are intuitive, some are funny, some are rewarding, some are graphic heavy and so on.

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Come to this slot called 2 Million BC, as it’s called it’s themed as the cave age where a large panther still roams the earth (WAKANDA!). There are various slot machines that have emerged over the past years, and one of the good one and highly recommended is the slot game mentioned above. If you happen to play a ton of boring slot machine games over the years, and you think that you are losing your way then you never tried this game. Give this a shot and guaranteed you will love online slots all over again.

It has great graphics: Right out the gate, you will notice that the graphics are heavy, provides this really smooth gameplay that will compel you to click that spin button over and over and over again. Be careful with this game because it puts the addiction back in slots. most slot machines are known to be boring and seriously needs a facelift. If you want to play the new standard for online slots, this is it right here.

It has a good side scripts: Aside from spinning, there are great skits and backstories that will make the game more immersive. The objects that you see on the slots are all seen in physical form like the sleeping panther and the girl, for example. These characters will show up while you are playing. It also has great effects and sounds that add to the overall appeal and gaming experience.

What the game offer it’s players: Right out the bat, it offers 500 credits for a spin that is more than generous by the way for a game of slots. You can also experience 3 ingame bonus rounds that can help double, triple or quadruple your winnings. How do you get it? See the reference below:

Symbols                           Range for bets

  • Rubin                           10 – 25 – 50
  • Vase                             15 – 50 – 75
  • Rock painting             20 – 60 – 100
  • Stone circle                 25 – 75 – 125
  • Club                             2 – 30 – 90 – 150
  • Wheel                          5 – 40 – 100 – 200
  • Stone construction   5 – 50 – 125 – 250
  • Yellow creature        10 – 60 – 150 – 300
  • Panther                     15 – 75 – 200 – 400
  • Girl                             30 – 100 – 300 – 500

This is a very generous game that is very intuitive and broke the mold of the usual things that you see on online slots. It’s the exact opposite that you won’t even expect can happen to online slots ever. Aside from the generosity of spins, the environment is good looking, the game is well designed, high graphics and the effects adds dynamic and a ton of fun to the game. If you think that online slots can never get better, then you never played this slot before.