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Enter The Plusnet

The Network Server market for public consumption is huge, and it is getting larger by the day. Already over US$ 310 Billion in late 2017, it is said to have grown more than twice in size by late 2019. But the cost to the common man for quality service is also at a premium. Lately though, a Server has been making waves by using hybrid Ethernet and land based techniques to provide quality that is very near the best, at a price that is a fraction of the price. Known as the, it started from the UK, and is slowly conquering the Online World.

Why the PlusNet

Unlike all the really big players, Plusnet is not business facing, but customer focused. Plusnet provides homely locality driven service with a powerful Customer Care service that soon becomes a known voice for Users. As far as services are concerned, its “name it and you have it” attitude with rare neutrality has already wowed Customers. From TV with numerous channels and worldwide coverage, to surefire Mobile Phone connectivity with rare call dropping, to Broadband download Speeds that are nearly as good as the best, PlusNet has it all. And that too at a Price that will leave Customers scratching their heads for choice.

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How It Operates

Starting with powerful Hubs scattered in key locations receiving beamed channels from geostationary satellites, the new Service uses ADSL Broadband (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) combined with Fiber Broadband Internet products to provide multiple services at a low Price to the Final Users. The technology used is known as FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet), which uses fiber optics to connect telephone exchanges to street cabinets.  Landline products can also be provided to Customers which are not weather dependent, and can provide continuous connectivity to Customers from the same single connection point.

Korean Honeymoon

Starting in Sussex, UK, NetPlus has now spread its wings to the South East Asian countries. South Korean Customers have welcomed its entry warmly, and it is competing against the already established local Networks successfully. Koreans are a very technology savvy people, and their understanding of modern digital communication is next to none. Quality is an essential prerequisite in South Korea. PlusNet provides this quality, stability and resolution at a price that has left even the cost conscious man in the street astounded. The “Korean Honeymoon” of PlusNet has indeed started with a Bang.