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Difficulties Of A South Korean Gambler

On the one hand, Korean gambling has reached its highest peak ever. Casinos have been open for gambling and legalized since 2000. The cash counters in the major cities of South Korea have been ringing continuously. From Seoul, Busan, Incheon and Cheju-do Island have set up lavish Casinos which cater to the elite crowd for all the classical Casino games like Roulette, Poker and Slot Machines. But the problem lies in the fact that the Government of South Korea has opened these Casinos amid legalized gambling, but only for foreigners.

Even Koreans with foreign passports are welcome but no native Korean is allowed to patronize these Casinos. Some foreigners have set up Bookie shops in these major cities in order to accept higher bets, while the native Koreans are allowed to bet only until KRW 100,000 (U.S. Dollars 89). Additionally, the most popular form of online sports gambling which is known as Toto is not allowed to open any Bookie shop inside the perimeters of South Korea. But Koreans refuse to suppress their love of gambling. They know that the foreign Bookie shops are taking advantage of their Government’s dilatoriness in legalizing gambling, and minting money. But online gambling, especially Toto has again tilted the balance in favor of the locals.

Online Gambling

Online sports gambling come in two forms in South Korea: Toto and Proto. Of these, Toto is by far the most popular. But it is still illegal, though in this case the Law has so far resisted from taking any action against it. But this is not really a satisfactory solution, as this leaves the poor customer at mid sea without a paddle. It is to provide some protection to the customer that the Gambling Syndicates are beginning to form large fair play organizations, to verify and register a 안전토토사이트 Safety Toto Site where the customer can play without getting cheated off his winnings.

Risk Or Safety

In the year 2011, a movement led by the famous high priest of the Korean Travel Industry, Mr. Jung Byung-gok, put pressure on the Government to regularize the Toto in order to protect its customers. Interactions with the Toto Syndicates led to the creation of a Fair Play Rule Book and the vetting and registration of 안전토토사이트 — Safety Toto Site. A series of stringent tests were applied to all applicants, and repeated at regular intervals in order to verify whether the new rule book was being followed by the members. All financial transactions had to pass through the jurisdiction of the new Board of Fair Play. The customers were widely advised to register themselves with this board, and not use any private Toto websites.