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High Quality Infrared Invisible Ink Cards For the Purpose of Cheating

Invisible marked deck card is the product based on the mark form and not destroying shape of a card itself & without changing its back pattern. Thus, they are very much similar to the ordinary poker cards & without any special cards devices, they’re invisible to naked eyes even after marking it with infrared invisible ink marked cards and you will not even know secret of the special cards. There are 2 kinds of the invisible ink cards hat adopt the third craftsmanship.

Choosing the Right Company

Suppose you have the marked cards deck, you will require infrared lenses. Without the infrared lenses, you will not see luminous mark on its backside. The marked playing cards will not work as there’s not any difference between the marked deck and the normal deck while using the naked eyes. For the infrared lenses, people think that infrared contact lenses will be uncomfortable or unclear as it’s very dry. What is worse, it’s detected by others. This is right, what many people consider are some major problems for the infrared contact lenses that are made poor quality. Nonetheless, infrared contact lenses that are made by the professional company won’t have same problems. In addition we, contact lenses cards and invisible ink kit will be used for making the bar code cards & infrared marked poker cards. It is very important to check different invisible cards by the different poker cheating tools.

Finding the Right Lense

To start with, the infrared contact lenses that are made by the professional company generally belong to advanced product irrespective of the clarity and comfort. Wearing the infrared contact lenses that re made by the company is very comfortable that you can’t feel existence and will see marks clearly. In a second place, there’re 3 colors about the infrared contact lenses that includes brown, blue, and red. We know that people have eyes color. However, when you wear brown or red infrared lenses, your eyes may become a bit darker than the original eyes’ color. Suppose you do not like brown or red infrared lenses, you may go with blue color contact lenses and this will not change the original eyes’ color that is omnipotent infrared lenses.


Therefore, infrared contact lenses from the professional company enjoy the unparalleled comfort, quality and clarity that is a best choice to make. So, these are a few important things to know.