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How to Get Free Poker Games

If you want to play free poker games it is not difficult to get started, first you need to find a poker site. It doesn’t have to be difficult as there are so many locations to choose from. You will also need an email account to register for an account on the site. Many poker sites will let you join for free by downloading the software and completing the quick registration form. The hardest part of this process is choosing a unique username for yourself that hasn’t been used yet.

Once you have an account and a verified email address, you are ready to start playing free poker games.

Free poker games are played at play money tables; these are play money or play chips that are given to you upon first registration. Don’t worry if you run out of chips as most sites will allow you to keep playing. Alternatively, if you run out of site, you can always just sign up for another one. Playing for free is a great way to learn about the different play options as you can’t lose your hard-earned money. Keep in mind, however, that since no one is losing real money, games will be played more boldly and carefree. You can confront players who cling to junior pairs before the match, simply because they cannot lose and there is no real bet. Many poker sites, especially those advertised on television, tend to offer “free” poker games. What does it mean? Can you play for real money without having to invest your own? Isn’t there real money here? These sites have options, but they don’t mean it when they say their site is free.

This means that you are not paying to download the software or the subscription fees you have to pay to play on their site.  So how do these sites make money? They make money by charging the so-called “rake”. Rake is the percentage of each pot that the dealer takes from the house as payment for providing the game. Live casinos also get their money from poker games. Instead, some live casinos charge “time”, that is, a fixed amount that the casino representative collects every half hour, but the commission method is much more common.

Online Poker Games

In a tournament where all chips must remain in play and the rake cannot be received, the casinos add a buy-in to the tournament, so for example a single table tournament might charge each player who enters the prize pool will be redistributed among the winners for each player who goes home. How can you play a truly “free” game of poker when all the money is returned to the players? Play the game at home. In most states, the organizer of a home poker game benefits from the game. Plus, you are probably playing with friends who prefer to earn your money honestly.

How about playing “for free”, as money doesn’t change hands? Most online sites offer “play money” tables where you can get used to your site without risking any money. Play money tables are clearly different from the real money tables in their game menu. These tables are a good way to familiarize you with the software. However, you are unlikely to be able to accurately measure your Situs Judi Poker Online skill in these games. With no real money at stake, many players view these play money games as a bingo game, and they keep putting chips in the pot and hoping for the best.


Well, you can do that too. Many sites offer “free spins” that give a small amount of money or enter a larger tournament as a prize. You can access these free rolls in a variety of ways. Sometimes, just by being a new player on the site, you get the opportunity to play for free, in other cases; accumulating “game points” on the site can bring you tickets to tournaments that cost real money, while others are only in the order of arrival,-service is serviced; the number of participants is limited to a predetermined amount. Please note that since these tournaments are free, you often have to compete against a very large group of players for a very small prize.