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The Family of Card Games

 You can find various card games all over the world. If you take all of those cards game under a single shelter then this family would be known as poker. The group of card games is known as poker. These card games were first used to gamble and earn money. Casinos are so famous only for this game. To know about those casinos or the places where you can play poker to and earn money tap on this link-

 The game poker of the group of cards game was first stared in the United States. In the early 19th century this pokers games was getting so much popularity. Because of this game the casinos get so famous all over the world. The poker game was being so popular that is started to attract people from all over the world.

 Poker is actually the group of games which are played through cards. The main base of gambling is the poker game. No one will deny the existence of poker game in the world of gambling. There are a number of varieties of card games under poker. Some of them are stated below-

  • Straight– it is played with only one round. The cards are controlled by the players. This is one of the most primitive games under poker. This game is very popular in the casinos.
  • Stud poker– this is another game of cards under the poker family. In this game the cards are arranged in a shuffled manner. Some of the cards are faced upwards some of them are down faced.
  • Community card poker– this is considers as a variation of stud poker. This game is also known as flop poker.
  • Draw poker– in this game the cards are placed down faced only and the player can change the object with the preferable object.
  • Video poker– poker can also be played in video games. Various video games has been developed which provide the different games under poker.

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