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The lesser known Downsides of Online Poker

What is online Poker?

In the age of the Internet almost everything is online. Then why would the one among the richest sport or game industry lag behind i.e. Poker. The internet has given the access of poker games to a wide range of players from all over the world. The choice of games is even pretty vast. It gives the players the comfort of their own home or where they feel the most comfortable to play and in the preferred clothes as well. This is especially best for people who are distracted easily in the middle of the play if the opponents are constantly watching them in an attempt to gauge their next probable move. You do not even have to come and sit formally at a table to play, rather you may as well play judi online lying on your comfy bed. The point that is being attempted to be established is that there cannot be anything as convenient as online Poker games. But, as you know it, all good things cannot be entirely good and has to mandatorily have some default downsides to them.

Known as the advantages are, no matter how minor the drawbacks are, the regular player must have knowledge about them. So, here they are:

Technical Faults:

Whenever, the poker game is being is played over the internet, there always remains the high chances of unexpected internet disconnections or other technical issues of the system that you are using to play. After all, it must not be forgotten that poker is being played online. In most cases it has been reported that the technical glitches happen when a player is is about to make the money deposit.

The increasing Fee:

Whether it is money withdrawal or deposit both the process involves a minimum fee.  But the tricky part is elsewhere. It is in the fact that the fee might increase with time.


There are many online sites like judi online that have a verification system for every player who wants to join in. Verification simply means that the patrons of the poker site will verify the player’s identity as claimed before they withdraw the money. All that is verified is that whether you are of the legal age that is needed to play poker.

Safety issues:

There are no doubts many trusted online poker sites. But, there always remains the risk of coming to terms with a fake online poker site, especially so if you are a beginner.