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All you need to know about ceme poker

All you need to know about ceme poker

Those who are deeply into gambling know that Poler games are not the same. Even though today, most poker usually refers to Texas Holdem, various other forms of poker exist, ceme poker being one of them. Like other poker games, a player can play ceme online as well as offline

The other poker variants are Stud poker, community poker, draw poker and strip poker. The variations are only slightly different from the main form. All poker have one thing in common though. Every form of poker requires betting. If you are not betting your precious money, it is not poker.


Ceme poker is quite similar in play to Domino QQ. A total of 28 cards are used to play the game with each card having its own value. However, while domino has 4 domino cards, ceme has only 2 domino cards. The combined value of the two cards determines the winner.

There can be a maximum of 8 players in the game or a minimum of 2. There has to be a Banker and a Player. The players can choose between being the player or the banker. Each player is dealt 2 cards.

The game is very simple and straightforward. The players can check the strength of their cards. When the time runs out, all players need to show their cards. The player whose cards have the highest points or card strength wins the game.

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Card strength

The card strength can be calculated by adding up the total value of the cards. Each card has a value and that value is added up to determine the total card strength. The values can be anything between 0-9 with 0 being the weakest value for a card and 9 being the strongest.

The winning player is decided in the following manner-
If the player has higher card value, the Banker loses the game. If the banker has higher card value, he wins the game. If there is a draw with the player, the Banker will win the game. On the other hand, if the player gets an exact value of 9, the banker pays the player two times his bet amount. In the event of banker having a card value of 9, all players lose their bets and the banker wins.

Ceme games
Ceme games are the more popular version of poker in Asian countries. While Texas Holdem rules the West, ceme poker is popular in Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and neighboring nations.

Since ceme is an easy and direct game, it has been adopted by many online websites as well. Now, ceme online can be played on online casinos and poker websites with incentives, offers, and bonuses.