Bingo Bonus Review

Enjoy the Wild West atmosphere with cowboys

Few players might want to enjoy the los Vegas style casino games. The slot games are generally played for big amounts. However, the silver bullet machine could be played without any investment. The silver bullet, which brings the cowboys and their guns in the hands, would make the player to enjoy the western culture with the wilds symbols in the game. There is no requirement to register in the website and take so many tensions to play these games. One could log on to the website and straight away start playing the game. The remuneration of this game is in multi folds. This game is a funny game. Players would enjoy this game with more funny symbols and the music is great. The coin sound in the background music would be alluring.


The five reel game with nine paylines would definitely bring the player good fortune. This game combines both the luck and the fun factor. The player could enjoy the game while playing with all the right background music and the cowboy’s symbol. Sheriff Character, money and the cowboy’s equipment appears as the symbols in the screen. In this silver bullet machine, the symbols are very clear. Any cowboy would be represented with his hat. Cowboy would be riding on his horse. His favorite drink is whisky. These are the symbols mentioned in the slot by the creator of the famous online casino gaming company the Playtech. The slots are well organized and there would be no confusions in the symbols. The symbols of this game are very clear.

Scatter symbols are not replaced by games. Two-scatter symbol would give one use and three symbols would give five inserts. 10 missions would be obtained for four scatter symbols. In addition, for five symbols one could win hindered missions. This slot does not have any bonus or any gamble. This game could be played only for real money. This game cannot be played free and there is no free spins in this game. The payouts in this game are very much satisfactory.

Collecting jackpot is very easy. It is very much easy for anyone to get jackpot. Collecting five scatters would get the player the jackpot. The scatters and the symbols of the horses bring five to hundred applications. The silver bullet will fetch 500 applications. The payouts for this game are promising. The game would fetch a good amount of payouts, which would be satisfactory.