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How to make 1000$ a month playing poker online

Poker is one of the most played online games in the world. It is a game in which any numbers of card games are played and the players bet over which hand is best according to the specific game’s rules.

Managing your bankroll is more important than the game strategy itself. Are you struggling with making money on poker online? Here’s a beginners guide about how to make money online with poker pulsa 10000.

  1. Play lower stakes

~ Start your game on lower stakes and as you proceed, go to the higher ones. This not just helps you improving your game strategy but also helps you manage your bankroll.

  1. Take baby steps

~ Just like learning any new skill poker is also about learning new strategies’, one game at a time. The better you play, the more you earn.

  1. Avoid multi tabling

~ make sure you have played enough number of games before you switch to multi tabling. Jumping directly to multi tabling would cause you to lose more money than you aspire to win.

  1. Use a high resolution screen

~ Using a high resolution screen puts less strain on your eyes and lets you play for longer hours and hence increases your chance of earning more money.

  1. Use efficient soft wares

~ Some soft wares might crash in between and cause you to lose money.

poker strategy

  1. Be aware of the changing trends

~The games have tightened in the last decade which means the win rates have dropped. This would require you to think twice before putting higher stakes.

  1. Adapt a TAG strategy

~TAG strategy essentially involves

  • Be very selective about the hand you choose to play
  • Pay close attention to your position at the poker table
  1. Map out

~Have a clear plan of action for every hand and be firm on your decisions.

  1. Don’t be an emotional fool

~You should be mentally prepared to be calm and execute your plan efficiently even when the cards go south. Being an emotional wreck does not help in the long run.

  1. Be free of any intoxication

~ When you are intoxicated you are bound to play emotionally which can cost you to lose money.

  1. You’re the predator right up until you are the prey!

~ Play on the easier sites first. Look for the players who do not play well and then play more and more games with them to earn money. Hunt your prey or prey your hunt.

In conclusion, we would like to quote the famous words of renowned poker player Paul Newman, “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

Following these simple rules can help you improve your bankroll and also prevent you from losing money. So what are you waiting for? Get going!