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Infrared Camera Cards – Things to Know

There’s the common phenomenon that a few marked cards are detected by the contact lenses & poker scanning camera. This will cause a huge consequence that people can know that number & suit of every card when they wear contact lenses and use ordinary scanning camera. Therefore, lots of people desire for playing marked cards and contact lenses that are detected by just one poker device. Does this type of marked cards do exist? Yes, we call it infrared cards.

Works on All Card Games

The infrared camera cards generally refer to the deck of cards which are processed by the special luminous ink on the back. Numbers & suits are marked on a centre or on four corners. Besides, this will play in different types of of poker games such as Omaha, Texas Holdem, Baccarat and more. Unlike ordinary marked cards, infrared cards are impossible to get detected under sun. Even though people wear contact lenses & use ordinary scanning camera, they can’t see any marks on a back of the infrared camera cards. They are totally invisible to naked eyes, the contact lenses & ordinary poker scanning device, to infrared camera, will be one biggest benefit of the infrared camera cards.

Buy Only Quality Marked Cards

But, where can you buy infrared camera cards will be very important question as just infrared camera cards have above merits. I highly suggest you to chosoe the company that has manufactured infrared camera cards before and is doing this business from a very long time, the quality will be ensured & we sell infrared camera cards in a good price. What is more, the infrared camera cards aren’t accessible in all the poker cheating devices. Among the companies, only few of them will provide the best quality camera cards. Thus, buying infrared camera cards is the optimal choice for the poker lovers and make sure you choose the right company.

The marked decks camera is generally applied in reading barcode on a cheating card. The barcode cheating playing cards have got no luminous fonts & suits on any decks. The cards are the printed code on side edges. The cards have to get analyzed by the poker analyzer. And analyzer can inform you possible results in 1 seconds through the wireless earpiece.  Suppose you wish to know detailed information, then contact the professional company.

Coming to Invisible Ink Kit

The invisible ink kit is the special type of ink used in many games. Earlier, spies used for writing the secret information on white paper with the UV  ink. And eyes cannot see this directly, when put secret information on a white paper over UV light, the secret words may show up.