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Online Gambling And Engaging In Bandarqq: Ways To Earn Profit Online!

Online casinos are now a growing market for investors though the risk is high. Some online sites are designed to loot money whereas some show significant signs of success for players as well as investors. Much behaviour is identified as “addictions” which exclude drug abuse. These include gambling. The more a person logs on to the online casino and gambles more, playing games like bandarqq, the more he is prone to becoming a victim of Gambling Disorder.

Defining addictiveness of gambling

Gambling disorder is not associated with a physical casino gamble alone but it also a result of being part of an online casino even more. Mark D. Griffiths, an English psychologist, identified the stages of addictive behaviours:

  • Salience
  • Mood modification
  • Tolerance
  • Withdrawal
  • Conflict
  • Relapse

Online Gambling

Applying Griffith’s definition to Online Gambling

  • Salience – This occurs when online gambling becomes the primary and most important activity in a person’s life. It dominates the person’s thoughts, emotions and even their behaviours, too.
  • Mood Modification – When the person engages in gambling and playing bandarqq,(the salient activity), their mood changes and they can experience a “high” feeling and they may be relaxed and be at ease as their mood has now “modified” after engaging in the gamble.
  • Tolerance – In order for mood modification to reach its sufficiency in the addict, he will gamble in large amounts. This process is referred to as “tolerance”.
  • Withdrawal – Once engaged vigorously in gambling, the person experiences “withdrawal” i.e. disturbed feelings or physical effects occurring when they reduce their gambling.
  • Conflict – Occurs between the person and those around him or within the addict itself. This means they have compromised personal relationships, work and their social life, which leads to an external conflict. Even when the person wants to cut down on their addiction, they might not be able to do it thus, causing internal conflict.
  • Relapse – If the person successfully gets out of gambling, they are still at the risk of relapse despite controlling their impulses to stay away from gambling for many, many years. 

Gambling despite risk:

Apart from the money, enjoyment and pleasure, gambling can be very dangerous. Addiction to online gambling has a catastrophic effect on the addict, his family as well as other people in the society. As long as the person keeps his impulses under control while gambling, no problems caused or else he will have to suffer the consequences.