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Online live poker games can be helpful for leaning tricks and strategies

Till the end of last decade, several people preferred to stay away from online poker due to negative reviews. But that is history. Today, hundreds of people become millionaires every month by simply playing online poker for few minutes. Credit crunch, and job cuts has forced people to explore every possible money making opportunity, and this is attracting everyone towards online gambling. There are several video sharing and streaming sites that have started sharing online poker gaming videos, so that players can follow the same winning steps while they play.

Twitch is slowly becoming online poker player’s favorite hub  

Amazon’s video streaming site Twitch recently made it in headlines as the site streamed around 56 million minutes of online poker matches between various players. Twitch has more than 100 million viewers, and the site managed to quickly grab attention of online gaming industry. According to experts with knowledge about the video streaming platform, Twitch started streaming poker since November last year. The site decided to stream gaming videos when it observed that other video sharing sites were attracting millions of viewers with the same. Twitch also steams live matches with four minutes delay. The company’s executive Scott Ball recently interacted with journalists, and shared the information that poker videos are just around one percent of the overall videos that were watched on the site during January 2015. Scoot also stressed on the point that watching poker is just like watching video games.

Now, reports also suggest that Twitch plans to hire some professional poker players who would allow the site to stream their games as they play. This is giving sleepless nights to ESPN fellows as the sports network may lose some of its viewers to the video streaming site. Currently, Twitch offers streaming service with support from advertisements. Trends suggest that there are millions of viewers out there who are interested in watching poker to learn various strategies and tips. The video streaming site will definitely get ads worth billions from online poker sites this year.

Steam broadcasting  

If you are willing to understand A to Z about online poker, Steam’s video streaming service may prove to be the better than Twitch for you. Steam is one of world’s famous PC gaming service provider, and its video streaming service called Steam Broadcasting is attracting millions of gamers. This feature allows you to broadcast your own game, or watch your poker online as well. The feature also allows registered uses to watch almost everyone’s live games. Steam has more than billion active users from around the world. Every day hundreds of users download Steam’s games on PCs, and laptops. The service is popular, probably due to its social features like- chat forums, friend list, personalized profile privacy options, etc.

Privacy settings are very user-friendly, gamers can share their game’s live feed with everyone, with specific friends, or their entire friend list. Unfortunately, this stream is available for devices that work on Windows 7 and 8. But, the company has promised that it will soon start supporting other PCs.

Select trustworthy site while playing online poker for the first time

Are you planning to play online poker for the first time? If yes, it is advisable to first check if online gambling is allowed in your country or it is banned. You do not have much choice if it is banned; all that you can do is watch others play on video streaming sites. You can consider yourself lucky if authorities in your country have no restrictions on online poker.