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What is Domino qq?

Itis anodd game that is made of unique combination of dominos and traditional poker. It allows all the players to quickly join any of their interested game and start playing straightaway. Let’s have a quick look as how this game is played! Well that’s a bit tricky to explain, but domino qq allows one to interact with other game elements, but the way to continue is bit a mystery for all. It is actually a very odd game that clears offers a profound and entertaining game system which is quite hard to understand.

This game is very popular among the players of Indonesia. It has got license and is free of any restrictions. From teenagers to adults are getting more crazy to play such games online from just sitting at their homes without the need of going to land based casinos as was done earlier. Thanks to technology which had made such things simple for a common man to avoid travelling and waste of time, at the same time provides fun and excitement to the players across the world.

What are its requirements?

This game can be played online using internet on any of your laptop, smart phone device which are having android 3.0 features or higher than that to start your game. Please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Click and press start now button
  2. You can download this website
  3. Access the free file converter

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Games those are similar to Domino qq:

One can try their hand on other games which are similar to this odd game. They are as follows:

  • Ludo Star:2017: It is a form of Epic games that is bit exciting way to play ParcheesiLudo Star: 2017
  • Millionaire: It is perfect for those who want to make more money and become a millionaire.
  • Master of Minecraft-launcher: It is one of the best tools for everything.
  • Play Clash of Clans: You can play this game on your PC with BlueStacks and also manage your base, clan and resources.
  • Bump Sheep: It is an assortment of games that includes sheep and vibrations bump sheep.
  • Superstar BTS (JP): It is an official Japanese version game.
  • Real Chess: One can enjoy playing chess as if having real chess board in front of them.
  • Steam: It is the most important video game platform that is available everywhere.
  • 29 Card Games: It is just a deck of cards which anyone can enjoy as there are lots of different games in it.
  • Magic Tiles 3: One can touch the screen in time with rhythm.


Hope you got the relevant information about what is domino qq and the other games which are similar to it. If you have any doubts regarding how to start the game and choose the best one then please visit their website, download and start playing. Otherwise make a phone call to their customer service representatives for quick assistance. Enjoy your game by sitting at home!